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Add my tracking number to an order in Managed WordPress Ecommerce

With Managed WordPress Ecommerce hosting, you can add shipment tracking information directly into your WooCommerce Orders. This article explains the steps to add a tracking number to an order.

  1. Sign in to WordPress
  2. Navigate to WooCommerce > Orders
  3. Find the order that you want to add tracking information to, and in the Shipment tracking column, select [+] Add shipment tracking. A modal will appear.
  4. Enter the shipment tracking number that your carrier has provided to you. The system will attempt to automatically provide a tracking URL and carrier name.
  5. If the automatic detection didn't work, you can manually add a Tracking URL and Carrier name, and select Next.
  6. Select which line items from the order will be included in this shipment.
  7. If desired, check the box to Mark this order as complete.
  8. Select Save shipment tracking.

Once the shipment tracking information is saved, you can view your tracking number, carrier, and number of line items that are tracked. If a tracking URL was added, clicking on the tracking number will allow you to view the tracking information on your carrier's site.

Note: If the Item Shipped email is enabled in your WooCommerce settings, your customers will receive an email to let them know their shipment is on the way.

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