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Understanding Content Creator using Over by GoDaddy

Use Content Creator to create awesome, attention-grabbing graphics for your website social media.

What does the Content Creator do?

Content Creator, powered by Over by GoDaddy, makes visual content creation easy, whether on your computer, tablet or phone. Start from a blank canvas or a template. We have thousands of choices for logos, event promotion, product imagery, social media and more. And it connects to your uploaded images and stock photos to create just the look you want without hiring a graphic designer.

Want to see Over by GoDaddy in action and get inspired? Check out our YouTube channel offering multiple playlists featuring quick tips and in-depth tutorials.

How much does it cost?

The Free version is available to all users.

The Pro version is included with Websites + Marketing Premium and Ecommerce plans (see plans and pricing), as well as Digital Marketing Suite.

How do I access Content Creator, powered with Over by GoDaddy?

Learn how to log in to Over using your GoDaddy account. The article describes the three ways to access Over with your GoDaddy account:

  • In Websites + Marketing or Digital Marketing Suite under the Marketing tab.
  • On the web at madewithover.com.
  • Through the Over mobile app (Android and iOS).

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